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Miniature Golf Second Stanza

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The second Caramar Miniature Golf tournament is planned for Sunday 9 March 2014 (Labour Day weekend).
The prospect of Tilly/Bell and Davey defending their titles barely creates a yawn, but the barbecue afterwards is a great time to catch up socially.
This time we will play at Wetlands in Wheelers Hill with the barbecue at Jells Park nearby.
Great day for physically handicapped former golfers – all welcome.
Details are set out below.
Hope to see you there.


Caramar Mini Golf March 2014

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Picking himself



According to Word Dictionary, a “sandbagger” is a golfer who artificially inflates his handicap in order to better his chances of winning tournaments or bets.

“A sandbagger is considered by many to be the lowest form of life on a golf course. A sandbagger can inflate his handicap index by selectively leaving out his best rounds of golf when he posts scores for handicap purposes.

“Sandbaggers are, at base, cheaters and hustlers. Golfers who are found out to be sandbaggers are often ostracized and always looked down upon”.

The aforementioned sets the scene for the recent Caramar played at the rather stuffy and mosquito-ridden Patterson River Golf Club. 

Your correspondent was in place to soak up the excitement and knew that he was in the right place when a 20 minute gap appeared between groups (and subsequent 10 minute gaps thereafter).

Early days brought the usual grumbles about young Clayton White handicapped at 30 whilst hitting the ball off the tee at 250+ metres regularly, and were followed by gasps and moans of dismay when Richard Tuttleby recorded a score of 42 from a 42 handicap, which sent clubhouse lawyer, David Waters scurrying to the internet in a bid to overturn the potential outcome via an argument surrounding retrospectivity.

He needn’t have bothered because strolling along behind was the tournament organiser quietly accumulating a massive 53 points and recording a probable record Caramar score off the stick.

Another Caramar crisis?  A need to overhaul the organisation of tournaments? At the least a bad example for the young Mountford and Tuttleby playing with men for the first time.

There is a lot to talk about. 

Future official pictorial references on have been amended as below.


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Message from Chris Picking

I have booked a round for the 8th December at Patterson River Golf Club. Tee off time is 11.40am for an afternoon game.
Cost will be $50- each which includes a small amount for trophies etc.

It is reasonably short notice so please spread the word and I have booked for 20 and need to pay a deposit so RSVP’s would be appreciated.

Sorry for the delay in organising, I would like to offer an excuse but I don’t have one.

Cheers Chris Picking

PS I actually won an award at school in HSC called the “where am I award”. Speaks volumes really.


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How to help world peace AND solve the Demon’s woes

Kim Jung-un

It’s simple really. A straight swap – Kim Jong-un as MFC senior coach and Mark Neeld off to lead North Korea. Have you seen that army march? What precision, what teamwork, what dire consequences if you put a toe out of place – just what the demons need.

As for Mark Neeld over there? Well they’d do a lot of practicing, look good on the training track but never pull the trigger.

Mark Neeld


Best Finish?

Submitted by Peter Mountford

I’ve been trying to recall possibly the greatest finish I’ve witnessed in Caramar Open history.

No not any of mine [oh how I remember them all so well].

Rather, it was that game where I believe it was Stuart and Dave Bell who played off on on a par three tie breaker [several times] at the back of the club house to the joy of the large crowd in attendance.

I’m looking for that stroke by stroke recollection – the one that includes David pulling the putter from his bag to hit four metres through the rough on the side of the green [very shaggy rough it was too] rather than risk a chip. And yes, strangely it still fell short


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